Finishing up the Halloween projects with SparkFun's own Nate Seidle.

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We're still exploring some Halloween projects - this time, a Jacob's Ladder!

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Flying Ghost

Just a few days after Halloween, there is still time for a spooky project!

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Solder of the Ages

Building your latest satellite with old solder? You might want to think it over.

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The NCWP Scavenger Box

Telling the story of the NWCP and the quest to find the wedding ring.

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Spooky New Products

Yet another new products post.

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A glimpse into the world of eTextile fashion by Lynne Bruning!

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Hacking an RC Car

The Creeper Bot makes keeping an eye on your pet a breeze!

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Tweaking Your Simon!

For your Monday morning goodness - hack the SparkFun Simon.

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A recap of The Feast: an inspiring, collaborative weekend in NYC with over 400 creative and genuinely good people.

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The more the merrier.

Another post, another selection of new products.

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An entertaining project that'll keep peeping toms at bay!

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We're offering a new class - solder stenciling!

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Antimov Recap

A lovely fall Saturday filled with destruction!

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Today's the day - SparkFun Antimov!

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LilyPad Class

We're offering a beginning LilyPad class next week - we'd love to see you there!

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Now you can play Rock, Paper, Scissors by yourself!

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An impressive quadcopter from the GRASP Lab at the University of Pennsylvania!

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The Feast on Good Conference in NYC is this weekend and SparkFun has been asked to join in on the discussion of social innovation and also teach a workshop.

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This is a good example of the evolution of the amateur programmer: you ran into a hurdle and sought out a more efficient method, where you…
This is the common way to do it on the forums, based on the BlinkWithoutDelay sample sketch. User Robin2 (not me) on the forums…
This is the beginnings of a RTOS, I have been using FreeRTOS lately on ARMs, it’s very convenient to have, saves reinventing the wheel over…
The Classical Arduino Programming model is based on polling. Also, it dumbs down the c language (e.g. no need to declare forward references,…
Another simple way to do away with delay() is to store millis() at the beginning of a function, and check if enough millis have passed upon…
I love this post, and feel it would be very useful if I understood what was being said. I too hate delay()!
Any coupon for this year?
I want to hang a bunch of Cloud Clouds in the Loveland CreatorSpace. I have the code loaded on both a Pro Mini and a Thing. I have 5 meters…
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Sorry about that - we just didn’t have the repository public. Should be working now!

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