Hungry? How about some delicious electronics cake?

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A quick tutorial from Cairo Hacker Space!

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Another new product post for the Maker Faire weekend. We also announce the answer to last week's contest.

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Minibloq - a free and open-source graphical programming environment for Arduino.

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Turning your Arduino into a game console.

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A nicely done animatronic hand from a 15-year old customer!

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Giving your Arduino the power of sight.

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Build your own Arduino Controlled Sip-and-Puff switch.

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Back by popular demand, our Introduction to Arduino class.

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Looking to get started in electronics?

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A great video about the Arduino platform.

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Controlling a Christmas tree with Arduino? Don't mind if I do!

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It's never too early to start crafting your Halloween costume - and adding some animatronics is always a good plan.

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We show you how to program standalone ATmegas and introduce a new Arduino library to make using LED matrices easy!

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Arduino formally announces the Arduino Uno and Arduino Mega 2560.

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Modkit - A new web-based graphical programming interface for Arduino looking for a little help

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Check out this cool project from Jeff Miller featuring the SparkFun Arduino Pro Mini!

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We've got an AVC poster, a video, the Arduino Inventor's Kit, a new GPS, FTDI Cables, and a handful of other new products.

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Say "hello" to the Arduino FIO - plus a few other new products!

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We have a new tutorial designed to help you find the right Arduino, plus a whole bunch of new products.

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Walmart is selling plastic "crayon boxes" for $1 a pop (at least in the stores I've checked in AZ and CT). They are a great size for small…

Yeah, not as exciting. But I included some pictures of the boards highlighted? Ha ha.

Ah drivers... Not nearly as exciting as your normal dance costume posts, but probably significantly more important... if only we could get…

This sounds like the Klutz "Lego Crazy Action Contraptions" book+kit, which has been updated slightly over the years, but still…

Just a heads up, the video mentions dual 3A ports on the battery pack. However, only one of the ports outputs 3A.

I like where you are headed with that... you could also add an eccentric rotating mass (ERM) (aka vibrating) motor to get it to wobble.

Here is the GitHub repository for this project (also linked above). I believe the files are in the…

I know there are specific restrictions on international orders (however, the rules get changed every few months). As a rule of thumb, if…

Unfortunately, we do not and JOEL_E_B has moved on to his next adventure. However, he did link the…

And, if you don't want it riding around in the car, you could substitute a "human presence sensor" (e.g., motion sensor or range sensor) for…

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