Forget something during Black Friday/Cyber Monday? Check out the Week of Deals!

We got a new shipment of stuff for this week that includes some swag, some new Arduino boards, and a couple of revisions.

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Check out this tutorial from our own Nick Poole!

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Some tools, a mistake, the future of Arduino, and a sewing kit. What's not to love about this week's products?

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Want to learn Arduino? Check out this class!

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Pardon Me?

Check out this tutorial about Processor Interrupts with Arduino.

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Check out this tutorial about using openFrameworks with your Arduino.

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Build your own datalogger for your Arduino!

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So you want an Arduino compatible microcontroller with a small footprint? Look no further!

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Hungry? How about some delicious electronics cake?

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A quick tutorial from Cairo Hacker Space!

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Another new product post for the Maker Faire weekend. We also announce the answer to last week's contest.

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Minibloq - a free and open-source graphical programming environment for Arduino.

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Turning your Arduino into a game console.

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A nicely done animatronic hand from a 15-year old customer!

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Giving your Arduino the power of sight.

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Build your own Arduino Controlled Sip-and-Puff switch.

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Back by popular demand, our Introduction to Arduino class.

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Looking to get started in electronics?

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First, it's a great project, and also a great way of keeping stuff out of the landfill! I have a few quick comments: First, running the…

I glad to see you used the right CE mark (CE Mark vs the China Export Mark). See…

Just solve the problem with different version of Eagle.

Hi, I have simmilar problem. Recently I bought CHM-T35A pnp machine. Now I am having trouble with ConvertToCharm.ulp. I am keep getting…

For this short a range, I can't help thinking that the RFM69s (or comparable) would have been much more savvy. (I'd will in general abstain…

We have several products that have gone through the FCC throughout the years (all intentional radiators, all used in airborne applications).…

@nate 1. Interesting! 2. I've worked with government agencies and various certification processes before, (but not the FCC), so "ah feel yer…

Thanks for sharing, Nate! A few years back, there was an "expert" who wrote a book (actually an "e-book") on getting FCC (and other)…

Thanks Nate, sharing this is Sparkfun at its best !

The LED is rated at 3W and the received power is about 136mW, so there's no need for a current limiting resistor. Best tip to reduce…

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