Educational Outreach Coordinator Linz Craig goes to Uganda to teach robotics and eat a bunch of stuff he can't get in America.

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Robert Beatty and his daughters are going to take over the world.

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We're heading to O-H-I-O for some robotics and workshop action!

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After our West Coast trip, the Department of Education rested up for a week and then headed out to Jefferson City, MO, to conduct a bunch of workshops and get some serious barbecue.

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Check out our newest addition to the robotics tools tutorial series!

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The second installment of a somewhat long story about the recent additions to our growing family of manufacturing equipment.

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A story about the recent additions to our growing family of manufacturing equipment.

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SparkFun's headed to Missouri to take part in the conference - come check it out!

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Our friends at Minibloq have conquered a new goal -- bringing robotics to the masses!

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Fun robots and learning tools for kids!

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Check out the live stream of our packaging contest and we have a new robotics class!

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April 7-15 is National Robotics Week.

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Cubelets are back in full force!

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This week we have some exciting new tools, a robot platform, and some other stuff.

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Watch these quadcopters work together to build structures!

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