SparkFun will be closed May 25, 2015 for Memorial Day. Orders placed after 2pm on Friday the 22nd will ship out on Tuesday. Thanks!

We're heading to O-H-I-O for some robotics and workshop action!

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After our West Coast trip, the Department of Education rested up for a week and then headed out to Jefferson City, MO, to conduct a bunch of workshops and get some serious barbecue.

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Check out our newest addition to the robotics tools tutorial series!

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The second installment of a somewhat long story about the recent additions to our growing family of manufacturing equipment.

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A story about the recent additions to our growing family of manufacturing equipment.

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SparkFun's headed to Missouri to take part in the conference - come check it out!

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Our friends at Minibloq have conquered a new goal -- bringing robotics to the masses!

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Fun robots and learning tools for kids!

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Check out the live stream of our packaging contest and we have a new robotics class!

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April 7-15 is National Robotics Week.

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Cubelets are back in full force!

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This week we have some exciting new tools, a robot platform, and some other stuff.

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Watch these quadcopters work together to build structures!

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Check out RoboPlow - the 50-inch snow blade equipped plowing machine!

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Autonomously knit some clothes!

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It's never too early to start crafting your Halloween costume - and adding some animatronics is always a good plan.

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It is a said story that I dont own the stuff you are giving away. So please consider me ;)
Scuba tank. Motorcycle helmet. Hip replacement. Dental crowns. Razor blades. String. Party balloons. Pinatas. Hard candy. Magnets. E.D.…
Parachute. Tires. Windshield. Pole vaulting pole. Football for the New England Patriots. Oil pipeline. Cruise ship.
I actually love the sparkfun boxes where all the products are shipped. I keep them. It would be awesome to have a SparkFun 3D Printed Box.
Spark Glass (like Google Glass) or Spark Watch (Apple Watch) so you’re always trendy on the cheap ;)
Gloves that look just like your hand, or cartoon like your favorite character, Mario, Mickey Mouse, Toshi, etc.
It’s summer, sidewalk chalk holders.
Sparkfun logo pen/pencil top. An assortment of the sparkfun team members in a pencil top. Collect them all.

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