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That last bit in the stereo camera video reminded me of DJ “Dr. Jerry” Carroll in his Crazy Eddie commercial days!!
Is the next step stringing it up and dealing with all the switching noise in the audio signal?
Exactly why I skipped it…last time I did this it was sent FedEx Smart Post which takes over a week to travel across the US.
Aww, man! Completely forgot about it until now ;(
A few days ago, I’d added a 60W 12V power supply to my order that totalled over $75 (without the…
Thanks Nate, you’re spot on 1.5mm fits perfect
Hi Wayne - Ours measured at 1.5mm.
Mine was only $8 and change, and that was after adding to an order where the shipping was $6 and change (so, essentially $17 for the box). I…
No worries! We are going to open up the Dumpster Dive for a second round today at 1:00 pm MST (until 1:10 pm MST)!

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