Protect Any Project

The <a href="">SparkFun project case</a> is an enclosure as you would expect, with the addition of a series of small raised dots on the bottom half of the enclosure.

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Shout Out to Malawi

This week, with the help of <a href="">Google Analytics</a>, we see that SparkFun is getting hits from all over the world, including 1 hit from Malawi in south west Africa. Hello to our new friends in <a href="">Malawi</a>!

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Happy Friday!

So many new cool things to play with. Where do we start? How about the RFL Robot...

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Feedback and Wikipedia

You might notice a new link over on the left hand side called 'Feedback'. If you discover a broken link, click on 'Feedback' (a new window will pop up) and drop us a line. Quick and painless.

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Soldering Basics

After a fair amount of work, we have completed what we hope to be an educational kit and supporting printed materials to go along with the <a href="">SMD Soldering</a> lecture.

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Track your Tiger

It's not quite small enough to track your cat, but the <a href="">Uber Tracker</a> is a beast of a product.

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Sinister7, Munny, and OLEDs

<a href="">Munny </a>and <a href="">Sinister7</a> combine forces. Checkout this gruesome <a href="">toy hack</a> using the Sinister7.

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6ft 7-Segment Display

Tom Becker was nice enough to email us and comment on our <a href="">12ft. GPS wall clock</a>. Then he put us to shame...

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The best way I have found to power an arduino project with solar is a pv panel charging a lithium ion battery and a dc to dc converter…

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