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A look at some of the gear used by the SparkFun IT department to keep the website and SparkFun HQ rolling along

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Check out a mini-Maker Faire in Ann Arbor and join SparkFun on Facebook!

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Photo Tour of SparkFun

Keith Neufeld writes a great walkthrough of SparkFun complete with pictures.

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I think this is the most we have posted, ever? 25 new products!

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Advancements in our UAVs, a new optical tag system called the Bokode, and new products.

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Director of Engineering Pete Dokter plots the data from a rocket launch - and suggests a new method for testing SparkFun products!

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We found a mini Bluetooth dongle and just had to see what was inside.

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All New Products

Like the title says: All New Products

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EL Escudo new shield for Arduino. A new class for Monday and a few new user submitted projects.

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We've got a little bit of everything on this post. A USB Touchscreen Mouse, the Citizen Engineer comic book, cool customer projects, the 4th SparkFun summer school class, and of course, a few new products.

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SparkFun discusses open source hardware and goes down an hardware memory lane. Checkout our spin on open and what projects are currently available for download.

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Two words : Missile Switch. Oh, and we have a new USB o-scope, an great universal enclosure, servo controller, SPI interface board, WiFi module, AVR USB HID stick, and a few small components.

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Holy Smokes!

A fire at SparkFun's credit card gateway brought down credit card ordering yesterday afternoon, but things are all better now.

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SparkFun has built it's 250,000 product, so we decided to show people how we test every board with pogo pins and test jigs.

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Genius Boyfriend

A heart-filled story of trials and tribulations with blue LEDs.

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The Flood of New

A new tutorial on SMA connectors (it's good) and new products: Arduino Kit, SMA adapters, SD Sniffer, OSD breakout, function generator, ADXL335, kits, power supplies, GE864 cellphone module, we now carry books!, resistor kit, and a handful of others.

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Infrastructure Woes

A new 2.4GHz dish on the SparkFun roofs adds a third connection to the internet.

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Come join us for a "semester" of classes about the wonderful world of embedded electronics!

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A look behind-the-scenes of a SparkFun photoshoot, along with a new tutorial and a smattering of products.

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Maker Faire recap and we weigh our donation of $5K to local charity!

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The Atto84 is pretty slick, but it's the ATtiny84 not the 85 and lacks a Qwiic connector ;)

I just want to say that, I really appreciate that you guys take the time to share some of your internal processes and learning experiences…

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I had also done this type of experiment in my childhood when i want 12 years of age and but my experiment was not very succcessful and…

Nice to see Rob back in front of the Red Box Wall!

I love the idea of the Buzzard tool. Really has the potential to make boards look great (As Sparkfun has demonstrated). Question, What is…

Good tutorial! Very informative, especially for people new to this stuff (personally, though, I first used a 7805 about half a century ago).…

Hopefully the broken leg is on the clock/calendar chip!

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