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Apollo vs. Atmel

How many MIPS does it take to get to the moon?

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Meetup In Boston

Catching up with SparkFun/Make friends, and inspecting bars in Boston.

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A little bit of everything.

One tutorial, some case mods, one new product, and a customer's interesting take on recycling SparkFun shipping boxes.

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Fighting Fires

Having fun in the parking lot, putting out fires. SparkFun gets trained on how to use a fire extinguisher. Plus, two new classes and a few new products.

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Fun with Balloons

Meteotek has combined two of my favorite things - balloons and electronics. Checkout the images for this balloon sat project.

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Nordic FCC Study

SparkFun's module shows up in an FCC study on body sensor networks. We've also got a new speedometer tutorial and some new products.

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BatchPCB Gets a Feature

Now you can offer public PCB designs!

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Tour Photos From China

Some additional photos are posted!

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New. Lots. XBee, linear pots, encoder, USB ANT Stick, a little LilyPad proto board, some AA batteries, and a new Rotary Phone using Bluetooth!

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Ah, so much better than foam peanuts!

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Walking Through Shenzhen

A few pictures from the electronics market in Shenzhen, China.

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Geek Tour 09

Checking out Hong Kong and China with a group of digital media geeks.

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The production team puts their "skillz" to the test to make some creative e-waste art!

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Check out what Spark Fun customers are doing with their Arduinos.

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Playing with Cheap Heat Guns

We played with a couple embossing tools to see if we can do hot-air rework. It didn't work out very well.

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The production people are at it again - this time in a friendly creative contest!

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Lots going on! Checkout our new Profile feature. We got mentioned in Fortune magazine, and we're going to EntConnect.

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Watch Us Cook

We rigged up a web cam on the pick and place for the day. Take a look and see what we're building.

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Circuit Bending RFID

We try to stuff our RFID tag into a Car fob. It didn't work out so good. And we've got new button pad controllers, 10Hz GPS, Arduino XBee shield, new dual-axis gyros, a Nordic RF serial interface board, and a much more!

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The Atto84 is pretty slick, but it's the ATtiny84 not the 85 and lacks a Qwiic connector ;)

I just want to say that, I really appreciate that you guys take the time to share some of your internal processes and learning experiences…

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Nice to see Rob back in front of the Red Box Wall!

I love the idea of the Buzzard tool. Really has the potential to make boards look great (As Sparkfun has demonstrated). Question, What is…

Good tutorial! Very informative, especially for people new to this stuff (personally, though, I first used a 7805 about half a century ago).…

Hopefully the broken leg is on the clock/calendar chip!

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