We got a new shipment of stuff for this week that includes some swag, some new Arduino boards, and a couple of revisions.

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Summer is heating up and so are our new products for this week. Check out all the new goods!

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This week we're back with more new products and another demo project.

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We're back with a whole bunch of new products and our most dangerous project to date, the EPIC. Check out the video and the products.

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Some products and a special guest appearance with a real live engineer!

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This week we're seeing red (boards) and we've got a lot of new revisions for you!

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Now that AVC is done, we have a bunch of new products to talk about.

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We have a few new products for the weekend of AVC 2012.

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Our first ever guest appearance for the new product post.

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Friday is the best day of the week. The weekend is close and the new products are many.

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Another demo, some more new products, and witty banter.

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We're back with more products and a couple of demos. Check out the video and the assortment of new stuff.

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Some tools, a mistake, the future of Arduino, and a sewing kit. What's not to love about this week's products?

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More new products to make your wallet cry for mercy.

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Some more new products and a terrible demo.

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Another big week for new products. Check out all the connectors, plugs, and tools we have for this week.

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It's a big week for new products. We've got a lot this week, so get your tax refunds ready!

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Check out the new products for the week and see what our roof looks like.

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This week we play some pranks with our new products.

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Yeah, you're making some great points! I especially like the idea of some kind of cue before the lights turn out. I had considered keeping…

Rather than considering it an "intruder" I'd be inclined to use a PIR as a sanity check for the occupancy count: if the count is zero, and…

I’ve used the sharp sensors for many robotic sensors for maze runners and mini-sumo, no people counting. The ones that feature an analog…

It'll also tell me if my dogs are in my office....not a bad idea.

There's nothing that says you can't have BOTH sensor systems! Indeed, as I type this, it's looking like the two 737-Max 8 crashes may have…

I've seen coworkers waving their arms like you mentioned because the PIR sensor doesn't sense them in their office. I worried about the same…

Sounds like an interesting project! I'd be inclined to put in a "watch-dog" timer, that is, if the people-in-the-room doesn't change within…

Yes I agree and for a moment I did look into it, but had some difficulty finding the low level pin assignments. Let's use Atmel chips as an…

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