Track your Tiger

It's not quite small enough to track your cat, but the <a href="">Uber Tracker</a> is a beast of a product.

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Sinister7, Munny, and OLEDs

<a href="">Munny </a>and <a href="">Sinister7</a> combine forces. Checkout this gruesome <a href="">toy hack</a> using the Sinister7.

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6ft 7-Segment Display

Tom Becker was nice enough to email us and comment on our <a href="">12ft. GPS wall clock</a>. Then he put us to shame...

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I badly want to make this. Have purchased all parts necessary (exactly as in guide with exception of buying a teensy 3.2 instead). I have…
The Dawn mission would be a good example of an asteroid bound, electrically propelled, NASA spacecraft. It’s…
My first comment is it’s surprising how many people are willing to “invest” with a chance on the order of 0.0000003% of a return of…
When space mining, remember safety first and know your sandworms. sandworms
Using glass? For shame! Glass at festivals is dangerous, because accidents happen. You should have used an acrylic/plastic/something bowl,…
That speaker would be a bit heavy for a kitty. We have a lighter “thin speaker” (COM-10722) that might work though! The boards themselves…
I would like to see soldering articles on no-lead solder. There are some challenges, especially to those of us new to no-lead. Lead-based…
Although the Dug Collar is relatively compact compared to Lucy, I think my kitty would find it objectionably large and heavy to wear! ;-) As…
Gee… I was a bit surprised that it qualified for “free shipping”! I was expecting to have to pay for “economy” shipping on this one, as…

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