Once again, electronic gadgetry gave SparkFun an excuse to launch stuff through the air - this time, it was pumpkins! We're also announcing a new contest - the Hack-o-Lantern competition!

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SparkFun Gets a Sign!

It's the little things in life that get us excited! We get a new sign! Also, new flat 6DOF Razor, BeagleBoard, new EasyDriver version, custom serial LCDs, 1Watt high power modem (40 mile range!), Bluetooth dongle, microSD reader, air sensors, and microSD sniffer. !.

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New ST micro LPR530AL dual axis gyro breakout boards, and ADXL345 evaluation board with Arduino/FAT32 combo, soldering class on Sept. 30th, smart card socket, and a powerful new GS407 GPS receiver module.

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Contact Lens with a Pixel

I love Sci-Fi (Rainbows End). With this contact lens, we're one small step closer to a fully augmented reality.

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Pete's lawn needed watering but the sprinkler was throwing half the water onto the street and side walk. With an Arduino, a pot, and a servo controlled value, he was able to control where the sprinkler head delivered water.

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Tweeting Kegerator

A new tutorial on getting a kegerator to tweet, and new products! A full rotation servo, HMC5843 magneto breakout, dual axis gyro, DC and Car power adapters, 16MHz resonator, and an RGB LED light cube kit.

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An IRC Chat this afternoon and the SparkFun Bokode.

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SparkFun will not be shipping on Monday in observance of Labor Day.

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A look at some of the gear used by the SparkFun IT department to keep the website and SparkFun HQ rolling along

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Check out a mini-Maker Faire in Ann Arbor and join SparkFun on Facebook!

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Photo Tour of SparkFun

Keith Neufeld writes a great walkthrough of SparkFun complete with pictures.

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I think this is the most we have posted, ever? 25 new products!

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Advancements in our UAVs, a new optical tag system called the Bokode, and new products.

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Director of Engineering Pete Dokter plots the data from a rocket launch - and suggests a new method for testing SparkFun products!

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We found a mini Bluetooth dongle and just had to see what was inside.

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All New Products

Like the title says: All New Products

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EL Escudo new shield for Arduino. A new class for Monday and a few new user submitted projects.

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We've got a little bit of everything on this post. A USB Touchscreen Mouse, the Citizen Engineer comic book, cool customer projects, the 4th SparkFun summer school class, and of course, a few new products.

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SparkFun discusses open source hardware and goes down an hardware memory lane. Checkout our spin on open and what projects are currently available for download.

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Two words : Missile Switch. Oh, and we have a new USB o-scope, an great universal enclosure, servo controller, SPI interface board, WiFi module, AVR USB HID stick, and a few small components.

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