New. Lots. XBee, linear pots, encoder, USB ANT Stick, a little LilyPad proto board, some AA batteries, and a new Rotary Phone using Bluetooth!

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Ah, so much better than foam peanuts!

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Walking Through Shenzhen

A few pictures from the electronics market in Shenzhen, China.

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Geek Tour 09

Checking out Hong Kong and China with a group of digital media geeks.

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The production team puts their "skillz" to the test to make some creative e-waste art!

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Playing with Cheap Heat Guns

We played with a couple embossing tools to see if we can do hot-air rework. It didn't work out very well.

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The production people are at it again - this time in a friendly creative contest!

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Check out what Spark Fun customers are doing with their Arduinos.

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Lots going on! Checkout our new Profile feature. We got mentioned in Fortune magazine, and we're going to EntConnect.

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Watch Us Cook

We rigged up a web cam on the pick and place for the day. Take a look and see what we're building.

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Circuit Bending RFID

We try to stuff our RFID tag into a Car fob. It didn't work out so good. And we've got new button pad controllers, 10Hz GPS, Arduino XBee shield, new dual-axis gyros, a Nordic RF serial interface board, and a much more!

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The Mobile Office

Building hardware and writing email from the road. In 1989.

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Night Kite

Casey created a kite with LEDs and accelerometer. Checkout this tutorial showing how to use the LilyPad to light up the night!

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Wireless Bootloading

Checkout the new tutorial using the AVR ATmega168 with XBee wireless modules to create a very robust serial bootloader! We also posted a new GeoChron Blue GPS product, programmable oscillator, photocell, and a mux breakout.

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Helpful Clothing

A new jacket by Lynne Bruning aids the visually impaired with LilyPad.

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Power Supply Protection

What is the best way to protect electronics against reverse polarization?

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We're a bit behind today because of the snow. Most departments are closed or running on short staff.

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New UAV development platforms, some useful cables, and a handful of other cool stuff!

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Hmm… both good suggestions. IMU 201, maybe?
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You can. In the tutorial I use a Pi as the broker, but there are cloud based brokers as well that you can use.
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