Welcome to Engineering Roundtable!

Hey and happy Monday! Today we're excited to announce our newest upcoming video series: Engineering Roundtable. On the second and final Mondays of each month (alternating with According to Pete), three of our engineering gurus -- Nick, Chris and Joel -- will sit down and walk us through their…

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New Product Friday: Hot New Products!

Hello everyone, and welcome again to another round of new products. We've got a few things and a demonstration, so let's check out the video first. Vimeo link here! It is a bit unnerving trying to short out the heating pads. But ultimately, we wanted to see what happened when you applied too…

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The CentriFury and Simon: Violence Edition

Back in January, we visited some of our customers to see what their Free Day experience was like. We traveled to Connecticut, Rhode Island, Texas, and Virginia and visited some awesome people, companies, and hackerspaces. One of the groups we visited is an outfit called North Street Labs in…

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Playing Doom on the Raspberry Pi

The Raspberry Pi created quite the buzz on the internet prior to its release. Much like the rest of the electronics community, we here at SparkFun couldn't wait to get our hands on one. Well, we finally had the opportunity to do just that. The Raspberry Pi, "An ARM GNU/Linux Box for…

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Microcontrollers for Educators

Recently, one of SparkFun's biggest goals has been to get embedded electronics into the hands of teachers and students. A huge part of that endeavor has been the creation of the SparkFun Department of Education (DoE), hosted over at learn.sparkfun.com. They have been working to expand the…

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AVC Recap Video

Back in June, we held our fourth annual Autonomous Vehicle Competition (AVC) - it was possibly the best competition yet. Today we wanted to share with you our full AVC recap video - check it out: Vimeo version here. In case you missed it in the video, here are the winners: Air: 1st Place: Team…

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New Product Friday

By now, you've probably heard about the horribly tragic events that took place in Aurora, Colo. (about 30 miles southeast of here) early this morning. This cowardly act has certainly shaken our state to its core. It is difficult to wrap one's head around such a senseless act and our hearts…

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Q&A with flirc's Jason Kotzin

Recently we caught up with Jason Kotzin, the creator of flirc -- a device that plugs into your computer's USB port and allows you to program any television remote to control your computer. He has a pretty inspiring story and we thought we'd share it with you!   Can you tell us a little…

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How do I beer?

This is a post about corporate culture. Well ya, that and beer. SparkFun shipping floor circa 2005. Check out the Roomba - that was our "janitorial service" for about six months! Back in 2005, SparkFun moved into a commercial space from a basement. There were only about 11 of us working in…

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According to Pete - July Edition Part II

It's the third Monday of July, which means it's time for -- you guessed it -- the second and final installment of this month's "According to Pete"! Last time, Pete asked what you wanted to hear about, and the people demanded more projects. We are nothing if not enthusiastic, so…

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New Product Friday: EPIC Product Post

First thing's first: Happy Friday and congrats to Member #160314 -- you're July's Caption Contest winner! Now just sit back, bask in the accolades and find a spot at home for your "Hacker On The Go" wishlist! And from that day on, Bill was forced to use leadless solder. …

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Pit of Despair

The number of businesses selling very cool electronic bits (and every handmade item for that matter) has exploded over the past few years. It's been really exciting to see all the new products hit the market, but what surprised me was the reoccurring challenges those companies face. We've…

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July Caption Contest Time!

Today's post is a pretty straightforward one - it's time for July's Caption Contest. Submit your best caption to the photo below in the comments section. We'll accept entries until 10 a.m. Mountain Time tomorrow (Thursday, July 12) and then announce the winner on the homepage on the…

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SparkFun Heads to RAFT

This week (starting today!), the SparkFun Electronics Department of Education is heading to 2012 RAFT (Resource Area For Teaching) Symposium in Denver, Colo. The five-day teacher training event, which runs July 10-14, is an interactive opportunity for educators to learn strategies that effectively…

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Aaron's High Altitude Balloon Launch

We've talked in the past about high altitude balloon launches done by SparkFun employees (namely Nate's launch documented here, here, and here). Today, we're going to talk about SparkFun Engineer Aaron's launch. This was his first try at a high altitude balloon launch, so it's a…

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New Product Friday: Oh Snap!

It's been a bit of a slow week with the 4th of July holiday and everything, but we still have new products for you. This week I brought in an engineer so I could properly explain one of the new products. Vimeo version here. Thanks to Jim for helping out with the video. It's hard wrapping…

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SparkFun Curated Kickstarter

So for the past couple of days, we've had a post up about the SparkFun AVC band and its Kickstarter page. Tying right into that, we are proud to announce the creation of a SparkFun Curated Kickstarter page. What exactly does that mean? Well, let's talk it out. Look for this banner at the top…

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The SparkFun Band Has a Kickstarter

Quick addition to today's post - just want to let everyone know SparkFun will be closed on July 4th (Wednesday) in recognition of Independence Day. We'll resume normal operations on the 5th! Each year at the SparkFun Autonomous Vehicle Competition, a group of employees join together to form…

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According to Pete - July Edition #1

Quick addition to today's post - just want to let everyone know SparkFun will be closed on July 4th (Wednesday) in recognition of Independence Day. We'll resume normal operations on the 5th! Today is the first Monday of the month (goodbye June!), and that means we have the first monthly…

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New Product Friday: Seeing Red Visions

Welcome back, loyal SparkFun followers! We're back with some new products for this week. We have some shirts, boards, and a cable. First, let's check out the video. Vimeo version here. Hopefully that clears up some of the confusion between the RedBoard Breadboard, RedBoard PTH, and…

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Nobody blames you, Pete. Being a cultural icon is hard work.

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Could you guys fix the Advanced SMD tutorial as well? You seemed to publish it before it was ready and it contains a “need link!!” In place…

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Aw, man. You’re killing me, even if it is true. I’ll most likely return to it at some point soon, but my attention is needed elsewhere for…

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This looks great! I love the necklace here:…

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