SparkFun Electronics will be closed on July 3rd, 2015 in observance of Independence Day. Any orders placed after 2:00pm MT on July 2nd will be shipped out after the weekend. Thanks!

We tore apart a Neato Robotics XV-11 robotic vacuum cleaner and did a little reverse engineering.

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The Tekla Shield

Helping motor impaired individuals control mobile devices via Bluetooth.

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SparkFun Levels Up!

A whole new version of sparkfun.com is released! Wish lists! Other stuff! New server hardware! Plus a visualization of the development of the entire code base up to this point.

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Swash-buckling goes high-tech!

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Want to learn how to do solder stenciling?

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Products, products, and even more new products!

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Remember the Reverse Geocache Puzzle Box? It finally has a conclusion!

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Nathan Seidle tells the story of SparkFun, how we got started and why we do what we do.

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Finishing up the Halloween projects with SparkFun's own Nate Seidle.

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We're still exploring some Halloween projects - this time, a Jacob's Ladder!

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Flying Ghost

Just a few days after Halloween, there is still time for a spooky project!

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Solder of the Ages

Building your latest satellite with old solder? You might want to think it over.

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The NCWP Scavenger Box

Telling the story of the NWCP and the quest to find the wedding ring.

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Spooky New Products

Yet another new products post.

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A glimpse into the world of eTextile fashion by Lynne Bruning!

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Hacking an RC Car

The Creeper Bot makes keeping an eye on your pet a breeze!

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Tweaking Your Simon!

For your Monday morning goodness - hack the SparkFun Simon.

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A recap of The Feast: an inspiring, collaborative weekend in NYC with over 400 creative and genuinely good people.

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Yep, sure enough P2N2222 is NPN and the symbol is incorrect.
Sorry for taking so long to get back, but AFAIK, a picture of a product is legal to post. Anything we post is licensed Creative Commons. If…
me too. I saw the mini metal foundry video awhile back and now I really want to cast something… anything.
This is awesome! I need to try this!
The wax casting wasn’t necessary. You could have done the initial print in PLA and then encased that in the plaster investment. The PLA…
Relative time on the planet is unaffected by lack of leap seconds. What the leap seconds are for is to keep us in synch with astronomical…
I’ve had success in the past smoothing with acetone vapor. Heat it, but not in a sealed container (unless it’s pressure rated), and not near…
Isn’t the 2n2222 an NPN transistor? The schematic on the whiteboard seems to show it as PNP
What happened to #42? Hang on, let me find my towel.
I first learned about charge pumps many moons ago. I built a high voltage charging circuit for a photoflash cap – something like…

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