SparkFun will be closed Nov 26th and 27th for the Thanksgiving holiday. Orders placed after 2:00pm MT on the 25th will ship out Monday the 30th.

Announcing the three winners of the Microcontroller Contest!

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Back by popular demand, our Introduction to Arduino class.

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We don't have a lot this week, but we've got some fun stuff and had a lot of fun with the video.

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Reminder to use your Free Day credit by March 13th!

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Soldering Classes

We have two soldering classes coming up - sign up now!

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Check out the Vmarker - an interactive digital whiteboard!

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Check out the finalists for the Microcontroller Contest!

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Post Valentine's day product post.

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Check out these awesome products from another Boulder-based company.

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Send a love song to your sweetheart.

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We've released the first definition of Open Source Hardware.

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Of course every New Product Post is epic, but this one is a little extra epic than most. We have some seriously cool stuff this week, so check out the video and the post.

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Phonetic Search

A helpful addition to the SparkFun site.

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AVC Update

Traveling to Boulder?

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SparkFun Poster

SparkFun takes a trip to South Park. Kinda.

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The JEEPuter

Remote control start is so 2010.

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Another week, another new product post. How many products can we carry? As many as you want us to!

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AVC Reminder

The time is quickly approaching - what is your vehicle going to look like?

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Being skeptical about the Raspberry Pi’s release seems odd given that, at the very least, it could fill the same niche as the Arduino. Also,…
I’m a little late to the party, but here’s the /r/electronics thread in case anyone wants to check it out.…
One of the “things” I’m thankful for are the folks who run places like SparkFun, Adafruit, and DigiKey – without you, and the folks who…
I mean… only if they want better eyesight. (Anyone not getting the joke should note that noworries is absolutely right. Even visible…
So, Sparkfun is recommending that users use high power lasers without proper eye protection since lasers improve eyesight?
Long flight to Florida…I usually take some electronics out and code stuff on a Arduino… I got stopped very short at my airport when they…
If lost, climb to the highest point you can see and try and attract someones attention.
A barometer, in a pressurized cabin? Seems legit.
Cool! I am going to try to implement the CO2 sensor into some sealed plant and algae growth chambers to measure CO2 usage vs. plant growth.…
We’re working on the CO2 sensor. It’s been quite the journey so far and continues to be. There’s so many variations that require different…

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