SparkFun Electronics will be closed on July 3rd, 2015 in observance of Independence Day. Any orders placed after 2:00pm MT on July 2nd will be shipped out after the weekend. Thanks!

A bright offering of new products and a Maker Faire reminder!

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SparkFun Goes to Copenhagen

Nate and Juan head to Denmark to check out hacker spaces, Malmoe, and Copenhagen Suborbitals

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Modkit - A new web-based graphical programming interface for Arduino looking for a little help

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Meet Customer Service

Introduce yourself to the SparkFun Customer Service Squad.

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LED/LilyPad Class

Ever wanted to play around with LEDs and LilyPad?

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What to do with an overflowing cup of electronics

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Various new products for the week.

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Check out this gecko-esque robot from California!

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Revisiting Antimov

Destruction takes place in just about a month!

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Copenhagen is calling and SparkFun answers!

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Back To The Future?

Ok, we've got the laces. Now we need the flying cars...

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Maker Faire is just around the corner and we have tickets!

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Even more new products

The ongoing attempt to carry everything you need continues.

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Some of our products go for a sky-ride out in the desert!

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Ponoko Revisited

What can you make with Ponoko and SparkFun?

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Upcoming Classes

Want to give someone the gift of soldering? We have the classes for you!

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New products galore!

Some more fun stuff for you to tinker with.

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With our powers combined, you can make your project complete (and extra awesome)!

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Avast ye Hackers!

A crash course in how SparkFun's IT department went from total amateur hour to... not-as-amateur hour.... and how we're hiring for a couple of IT positions by unconventional means.

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Where does SparkFun fit in the top 300,000 websites?

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The circuit does need a PNP transistor there to switch the high side. It looks like the P2N2222 designation is the incorrect bit.
Wow, that blast was so strong it turned his lights back on…
wow this has to be illigal where i live…. staying posted for next week’s theme…maybe it will be meth? breaking bad @ sparkfun…. open…
Yet another really great presentation, Pete! As always your video’s leave me hungry to learn more about various circuits (charge pumps and…
Some one uploads a video of themselves with the theme song from Deliverance? Wow, how soon we forget where things come from…..
Enjoyed the presentation and the comments below. Thank you for another lesson.
I learned electronics in college, but I think I’ve learned a lot more by simply doing things first hand. If you’ve just started out with an…
Woooo! Sounds like fun Nate. Congrats on making a tough call and being happy. I smell the burnt rubber of electric bikes….
Thanks, I’m going to attempt something like this soon so the post is very helpful. I have had great success in acetone smoothing usng a…
Yep, sure enough P2N2222 is NPN and the symbol is incorrect.

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