Check out this cool dice project - no electronics, but pretty darn awesome.

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We Sell Yak Fur

When you find yourself shaving a yak, stop, take a deep breath, and get back to your project.

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A great project for model railroading and a cool LilyPad design!

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Nate travels through UBC in Vancouver discovering amazing research projects and beautiful art, finishing up with a ride on the Mondo Spider.

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We have a cool project from Engineer Chris, a tutorial from Casey, a behind-the-scenes ad shoot video, and an announcement about Maker Faire!

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BatchPCB unveils a cool new feature today - a marketplace! Plus, a really cool project out of Denmark!

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Follow our Pick and Place machines on Twitter! Also, we have some news products and 31 awesome projects to give you some inspiration!

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It's not about how complex your project is - it's about how clever! Also check out a hacked Kindle and a bunch of new product offerings!

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A thought-provoking article from Wired and a project from one of our own!

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If you are working on a project, people (like us!) want to know!

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A deliciously designed maze and new products galore!

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'Tis the Season

A cool Christmas project, Adafruit gets a C&D, and products!

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Drop Boxed to NZ

It's a special day when hardware guys recommend something that is software. I apologize if this sounds like a bad infomercial at 2AM. Dropbox has completely won me over. If you are like me, and have multiple computers that need to share files, Dropbox solves the file sharing and backup problems. I installed Dropbox on my home PC and a little icon sits in my task bar. I've got files on my home PC like my Eagle projects, my excel files, my docs, and my various collections of C code. So I drag and drop these into a folder on my C: drive, a folder called 'My Dropbox'. Simple enough. Then I go into work and install Dropbox. A couple minutes later I've got a folder on my C: drive called 'My Dropbox' and it's got all the files that my home PC had. I've got 2GB free, to

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We've got a cool motion tracking project, a bunch of new products, and a reminder that the RoboJoust is just around the corner!

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Thanks for all the support and a really cool project!

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New ST micro LPR530AL dual axis gyro breakout boards, and ADXL345 evaluation board with Arduino/FAT32 combo, soldering class on Sept. 30th, smart card socket, and a powerful new GS407 GPS receiver module.

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Advancements in our UAVs, a new optical tag system called the Bokode, and new products.

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Director of Engineering Pete Dokter plots the data from a rocket launch - and suggests a new method for testing SparkFun products!

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